Applying Pressure to Weight-Loss Acupressure Points

  1. Start by applying acupressure to the acupressure points on the ear. Place your thumb directly in front of the triangular shaped flap of tissue found at the front of each ear. The thumb is used because it covers the most area and will affect all three points.
    • Another way to find this point is to place your finger against your jaw and open and shut your mouth. Find the point that has most of the movement in your jaw.
    • Apply medium and constant pressure for three minutes to control appetite and hunger and improve digestion.
    • If you only want to use one point, use the ear points. It is the only part of the body where three or more acupressure points that control hunger and appetite can be found together.
    • Acupressure points SI19, TW21, and GB2 are located around the ear. These have been studied most for weight loss.
  2. Apply pressure to additional acupressure points that promote weight loss. There are a wide variety of other points that can help you reach your weight loss goals.
    • GV26 is located between the upper lip and the nose, in the crease or depression (the philtrum). Apply medium pressure for five minutes twice a day. This point can curb appetite and control hunger.
    • Ren 6 is found 3 cm directly below the belly button. Use your index and middle fingers to massage this point up and down two minutes twice a day. This point can improve digestion.
    • Knee Point ST36 is found 2 inches below the knee cap and slightly off center, towards the outer part of the leg. Apply pressure on this point for one minute with your forefinger. You can know you are in the right spot by flexing your foot — you should be able to feel the muscle move under your finger. Press this point for two minutes every day. This point supports healthy stomach function.
    • Elbow point LI 11 is found on the inner side of the elbow crease, near the outer part of the elbow. This point stimulates the function of the intestine by removing excess heat and unwanted moisture from the body. Use your thumb and apply pressure to this point for one minute every day.
    • Pressure point SP6 is found 2 inches above the ankle, on the inner side of the leg and behind the bone. Apply pressure for one minute every day with your thumb. Release slowly. This point helps balance fluids.
    • The abdominal sorrow points are located beneath your lowest ribs in a straight line down from your earlobes.[ Press into this point under each rib for five minutes a day. This point can also help relieve indigestion.
  3. Try a different point, or points, if one makes you uncomfortable or does not give you the results you want. Stay aware of how you are feeling and responding to the pressure. Each person may respond uniquely, depending on their situation. Don’t overdo it!
    • You can use these acupressure points until you have reached your ideal weight and then use them to help maintain that weight.
    • There are no known negative effects of this type of acupressure.